The new fever of webinars mushrooming fast and furious on all social media platforms is the new humdrum of social connectivity. Probably another interesting way to connect which was not taken so seriously in the pre-covid times, but the virtual fever is catching up like fire now. It is the new way to work, connect and engage. The long hours of working round the clock in an office space are gradually becoming a thing of the past. We are multitasking at all spheres and especially more when the boundaries of office and home have merged.

In this new age of countless webinars I have tried to attend a few of them and beyond a point they kind of get monotonous, tedious, and a bit pedantic. Somewhat like everyone is the new digital baba trying to say a lot in a short format of the webinar. But the time limit is probably not much of a botheration was we just love to keep blabbering our heart out when it’s just a screen we have to speak into instead of a blinking audience who cannot throw rotten tomatoes or scare us with their glare for eating away their time. On the other hand, it doesn’t also reveal that we as humans are more accentuated to gasconade our knowledge and expertise with a tirade of social media commentary?

While the entire liberty of ours is shelved off for now thanks to Covid-19 times we cannot even escape to our office cabin pretending to supremely busy! But isn’t this new format way too boring. What are the best alternatives to save yourself from doing another webinar or participating in one?

Probably the story format and the interactivity way to engage which does not bound anyone to fill in the numbers. Recently, being invited to a webinar on a Religious meet webinar online was a bit odd. Although I kept insisting that I am not made for one but I was given the Jai-Veeru best friends for life, true buddies love references on WhatsApp by a close friend who had suddenly popped up. Hopelessly I had no choice but to give my consent otherwise the last straw of our Jai-Veeru trust would be a thing of the past! There I was into the webinar like filling in the blanks forcefully a bit not so interested. The only thing I was thankful for in this webinar was that it got over before I had dozed off listening to the righteous ways to live. Yeah, I better practice them properly before I step out to face the Covid world with a masked face.

Just a few days back another friend started frantically sending me requests for attending some administrative guidelines on Covid 19 going live on FB. I think I have already washed my hands several times now. I was politely thinking to escape this one and actually wash my hands off this webinar but no my basic instinct lets support each other. I was also determined to use my art of saying “NO” strategy many many times properly rehearsed but before I could begin this art my friend let the cat out of the bag, saying that you just have to log in and put it on Mute or I lose my job. Well, Well, well! Oh, so I was just another fit the bill number for just being virtually present for a social media handle that went life!

The list of educators trying to prove their endless Gyan is not just exhausting but similar to the pricking of the brain slowly probably similar to derma roller which slowly starts showing results on your face! It isn’t that I am not on the other side of the screen, well being invited and having forced to attend a few of these very happening webinars from “How to improve my life” to “if I should follow this religion or not” “Discovering the admin measures of Covid situation” to “Women networking” everyone has something relevant to share.

Probably, now I have lost interest or losing it to see the next webinar popping up on the screen. I wonder what the audience has to say, next.
I feel a good webinar topic I would like to explore is “Please don’t troll me”.

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