The Task

Thapar Institute is a 60-year old institute with an alumni base of more than a few lakhs of people across the globe. For connecting the alumni base and creating a completely new vertical we worked for hand in glove with the client. There was no formal team when the alumni community was being conceptualized.

The Challenge

The sheer magnitude of people across the globe was a task to start somewhere.

The Idea

We Build a Connected Community. 

We created a branding ‘Be Connected with an idea to make a global presence and outlook for an alumni base.

We started with a kick-off event in Dubai which was branded, created, and also executed by us. The social media films for ‘Be Konnected’ including the email marketing for the event was all handled by our team. We started with a regular magazine for achievers alumni stories called ‘Infocus’ every month with a question and answer format. Regular emailing and keeping alive the alumni initiative across the Middle East, Washington DC, Toronto, and the globe.

Be Konnected TI event

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