The Challenge

Thapar Institute in 2016 was looking to re-establish itself as a modern contemporary University. We worked on changing its logo across three schools – TI, LMTSM, and Liberal Arts in 2020 hence, creating an identity. Breaking from what imagery it had for the past 60-year as an educational institute was not just challenging but a lot of care had to be taken to make the branding with a stronger recall value without breaking its past legacy.

The Idea

We retained its philosophy of teacher-student relationship in a much more energizing red color which was iconic for them. The campaign was centered around achievement. We slowly weaved the intent of the institute with what they were planning to establish across the brochure, print campaign, brand campaign, and digital.

The Strategy

We used videos as a powerful medium to create authentic stories, shooting real students, teachers and telling their story across several platforms integrating it with new digital channels like Nyooz. We also started their alumni connect with a kick off event in Dubai with a concept film and branding it around – Bekonnected.

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